Hi, my name is Tari. I’m quite lazy but I’ll try to publish posts as often as possible.

After almost doing acrobatics at the office when it was time to go home, the thought of crossing the road overwhelmed me. But really, there should be zebra-crossing at the bus-stop or better still ‘yellow fever’-(orange wearing police officers) to help me cross the road. Actually there is one sitting beside me in the bus sef. Lol.

There are lots of things on my mind now. *work, NYSC, my Master’s degree, my future…. A lot of happenings around make things seem so vague. Well, it depends on my belief-system. I choose to believe in God because He made me and holds the key to my life. For as many that are reading this and have doubts about the future I enjoin you to subscribe to FAITH, ‘cos that’s the beginning of new things to come. Have a nice weekend….



“I’ ll lift up my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from?. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and heart. (Psalm 121: 1-2).